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I Hear His Whispers That Live in My Heart


Stormy evening I walk on the cliff edges overlooking--- the violent briny waves,

I ponder about so many hearts---calling out---from their watery graves.

Poseidon the Greek God of the sea,

I called to him---many times---bring my Darling Pirate back to me.

You do not need him in your salty waters,

Find other pirates for your saline daughters.

His ship was named after me---Dark Lady---solid vessel of beauty,

And, dark because I am sad when he leaves me---for his duty.

Time has gone now past any family we could create,

Forsaking other men---I still wait.

A hopeless dreamer I am told,

Speaks the uncouth but---extremely bold.

His voice has not faded with the years,

Memory of his dark eyes brings many tears.

My fingers desire to touch his masterful lips,

That captured mine---so sweetly—my heart now rips.

Imprinted memories of his arms so strong around my soft frame,

My body recalls the feelings---without shame.

When the lightning strikes over the sea at night,

I can see the Dark Lady riding the waves until it is light.

I beckon Poseidon to send you to me---for I am ill,

On this turbulent night---I stand and plead from the highest hill.

And through the breakers---I saw a sail with a black flag,

Whipping in the storm---it appeared to be just a rag.

The closer it came to me---I could see the words---Dark Lady,

Could it be My Darling in the moonlight---just maybe?

His whispers from my heart were loud and clear,

I have come for you---my Sweetheart---my Dear.

My spirit left my old body I no longer needed---lying on the foam-covered salty rocks,

My spirit is young and beautiful now---minus all time clocks.

Life is worth living now with my Pirate and me,

Happily we will sail---the now tranquil---turquoise sea.

I thanked Poseidon when I saw him upon his oceans,

He bows and waves so full of his own emotions.

My Darling Pirate is by my side,

To kiss and hold me, I am his pride.

Never give up I am thinking,

Watch for your lighthouse---it could be blinking,

To let you know a love is coming---it is not winking.

This content reflects the personal opinions of the author. It is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and should not be substituted for impartial fact or advice in legal, political, or personal matters.

© 2021 Barbara Purvis Hunter

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