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His Skills Are Heaven Sent

This is me at Graceland.

This is me at Graceland.

There once was a man with the sound of an angel,

Bursting with love as the melody surrounds his fans.

Gold sparkles embellish a jumpsuit of pearly white,

Blue eyes glisten as he flips his black hair back just right.

Not a saint just a man that’s blessed with unearthly talent.

Ask his fans; ask his friends, his skills are surely heaven sent.



Who could this extremely gifted man be from the golden era of fun?

Rock and roll could have gotten shoved aside had it not been for this one,

Without the brave persistent soul of this young man’s love;

Music could have lost some special blessings from above.

He started it from rhythm and blues. He garnished it with gospel rules.

He sat aside all trace of fear. He stomped his foot and shook his rear.

In loving memory of Elvis

In loving memory of Elvis

He gave himself to his craft with everything he had and then,

Never losing the passion to share what his momma taught him.

This great master’s generous gifts granted hope for the needy.

He went beyond anything ever expected when giving to a charity.

Elvis Presley is the man spoken about here, may he rest in peace.

But then his fans knew it from the start of this here masterpiece.