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His Regret Would Have Been Not Loving Her

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Ejide Isaac

Ejide Isaac

When she left him, he was devastated because

He has built all his life around her. She was gainfully

Employed unlike many ladies and around who are not

Employed and who would be expecting their parents

And or spouses to get for them the minutest things that they

Want. She is also decent, religious, humble yea, all the things

He is seeking for in a lady whom he will settle down with

This maiden possessed. Thus, he has built his life around her

And has been thinking of how they will forever be together,

How they will build business empire from their savings,

Raise their children up, he has repeatedly in his dream seen

How they had traveled to a beautiful place for their honeymoon

And while at that place they had met with people who become

Instrumental to establishing their business empire. He saw them

In wealth that is beyond their imagination. Therefore, he has no

Iota of doubt within him that the relationship would work and

Would be consummated into marriage soon. But he was clearly

Mistaken as things took another dimension few years after as the

Lady jilted him. She did not even leave a word for leaving him

All she said was she was going, and all his pleas fell to her deaf

Ears. After she was gone, he started thinking about those dreams

Mrs Temitope Isaac

Mrs Temitope Isaac

Thinking about himself, where would he start from? He cannot

Really pinpoint where he can start from, to him his life has been ruined.

His believe has been he cannot get any other person who is like that

Damsel, not even a lady who is about 60 percent close to her he

Thinks, he was in the oblivion that there are good people all around

The world, no one is irreplaceable, it is only God who cannot be

Replaced. He became a shadow of himself, and would not want

To socialize again. Then she crossed his path. He does not want to

Be opened to her for fear. Despite not wanting to be opened to her

She kept on doing what he likes, what pleases him she does everyday

Intriguingly she also has a good job, for she was working with the

International establishment and her pays was always in foreign currencies,

After noticing her for a while he decides to give this a trial, and he

Discovers that she was better than the lady who left her in all ramifications

Then he says to himself, can anything therefore stop me from loving her?

Except she stops me, nothing would stop me from loving her. Their

Friendship would have to grow beyond ordinary now and it becomes

Deeper and intimate. After they had taken themselves to another level

In their love lives, he says to her, “what would have been my regret

Was not loving you because of my past experience with the lady I have

Given all my heart to. He thanks her, thanks his star that he has not missed

The angel in human flesh sent to him by the gods. She was smiling when

He was saying this and would reply that, she has decided to take him out of

His cocoons that was why she never gave up even when she should have.


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