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A man's motivation.

Hertha enjoys writing about real life experiences. Her imagination and improving analytical skills allows her write about anything.


Every morning before work he reads his favourite book.

It is a book he holds dear to his heart.

It is a book that gives him immense pleasure.

It is a book that drives him and brings out the best of him.

This book is full of so many thrills that he heats up and blood rushes through his veins.

His sweat drips down his back as he spreads the pages.

He gets even more excited when he has to turn to the next page by lubricating it with the saliva on his finger.

Together with his book they move back and forth as he is sitting on his rocking chair.

During lunch time all he can think about is his book.

He remembers it's scent and amazing surprises.

It's texture and thickness.

Uggghh! How he wishes he finished two more pages earlier.

After dinner he makes a cup of tea, takes his book and sits on his rocking chair.

He begins to read so loud hence he wonders if the neighbors would hear.

Smh! He spilled his milky coffee all over the book.

Fortunately, the book knows how to absorb it well.

As he reads his book his hands explore all parts of the books.

He wants more chapters so he lasts more hours.

His book brings him warmth.

His book is his inspiration.

As the night goes on he brings his book closer to his chest.

He likes it that way even he can't deny it.

Reading his book feels so good and it motivates him.

Therefore he can't help it so he keeps digging in deeper and deeper.

© 2020 Hertha David

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