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His Love for Her Makes Him Resign His Appointment

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He used to dream a lot

Such that people started calling

Him “Master Dreamer”. He

Repeatedly dreamt about a damsel

When young and he remembered

That in one of his dreams

He was playing with the same

Girl and while playing with

Her somebody calls her name

In that dream, he started

Calling her that name wherever

They go to in that dream

Before he wakes up. When

He would dream about interacting

With the girl again he

Discovers that they got

Married in that dream. After

This he never dreamt

Of the girl again until

He enters institution. But he

Did not forget the girl’s

Name and the wedding that

Was done. About twelve years

Have passed since he dreamt

About twelve years have passed

Since he dreamt about this.

One day as he was walking

In the campus premises heading

For the lecture hall, he

Saw the girl he used

To dreamt about walking towards

Him. The same as she

Was in the dream he has

To use his hand to rub

His face to be sure that

He was not sleeping and

He discovers that what he

Was seeing was live. They

Exchange pleasantries as they walked

Past themselves. As from this

Moment a day cannot pass

That he will not see the

Lady on campus. One day

One of her friends called

Her name and it was

The name he heard somebody

Call her in the dream. This

Is more than a co-incidence

He reasoned, and he started

Making friend with her from

Where the friendship becomes serious

And they start dating. This

Continued until they graduated

But after graduation the lady

Met with another guy and

She calls it quit with him.

He tried his best to

Tell her that they were

Destined to be together, but

The lady would not yield

He did not know that

Could happen, for all his

Dreams used to come to

Pass, but this has been

Truncated. Because of the pains

In his heart he does not

Wish to be romantically involved

With any maiden again for

He was yet thinking the

Lady would come back to

Him. She belongs to me, he

Used to say but the lady

Never returns in his office

There is a lady who attracts

Him, but they did not

Go deeper in their relationship

But when the lady he was

Thinking would return to him

Gets married that was when

He took this lady out.


And since then their love

Has been growing. This lady

Was stable lovely and everything

He has been seeking for in a

Damsel he finds in her

What he considers a loss was

Not for it is become a blessing

In disguise as the law

Of the establishment they work

For stipulates that to people

Romantically involved are not

Allowed in the company before

Their love blows out and

Both of them be retrenched,

He resigned his appointment with

The firm. The management does

Not wish to approve his

Resignation because he is very

Useful for the company. They

Told him that they will increase

His salary and other emolument

But he declined the offer

His spouse, being junior staff

In the company asks him

To let her resign so that they

Will continue to enjoy the

Increase in his pay grade,

But he would not listen

Asking her to continue to work

At the company. When the

Management sees that he has made

Up his mind, they let him go

A befitting send forth was

Held for him for his services

To the company. After he

Left the company he stated

His own business outlet and

Gets married to her. Then the

Management knows why he resigned

From the company. That it

It was because of the lady

They were marveled at what he

Did and wished them well in

Their marital journey.


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