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His Focus was Prison

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His people did not know the source of his

Wealth at the initial thus, he was being called

By different religious houses to chair their launching

Ceremonies and other things. Prayers would be

Showered on him by religious leaders of the island

After given them millions and different musicians in the

Island have composed songs to sing his praises,

Because to them he is a young man who is just emerging

A young man with unknown source of wealth. The last

Deal he made was the palm oil that soiled his white

Robe as his secret was revealed, for he has been duping

People through various means for long, and several traps

Have been set for him, but he has been evading those traps

But this last deal he could not escape it as he was caught by

The wrists. He was arraigned in court and after some months

Of trial he was sentenced to 25 years imprisonment, and

All his properties confiscated. But he has a girlf whom

People did not know about, even the radii of the intelligent

Agencies never caught this lady, as she has been completely

Off radar. She knows the job the man is doing and has been

Her partner all along. It was after this guy has discovered her

Resoluteness in him that he opened account for her and started

Depositing money in her account, outside some other money that

Were kept in other places which the lady only knows, because

The certificates of the lands were written in her name and with her,

When he got caught, and was being tried, she will be

Present in the court and would signal him. When

The sentence was passed she signaled to him that except she dies

She will find all things intact with her. During those years that he

Was behind the bars she never got herself involved with another man


To keep the secret, secret, because attempt at being romantically

Involved with someone else may result in another thing, and the

Cover of the man be exposed. She maintained the house she was

Living and would buy a house close to the place about ten years

After when the owner died, and her children want to sell the house.

This she did so that when the guy leaves prison he would not have

Reasons to be looking around for her. When he regained his

Freedom, he would not go straight to the lady’s place but went to

His parent’s house feigning he has nothing. However, he would

Soon be in touch with this lady and they continued their love

From where they stopped, where as to others, they are just starting,

And the lady was cautioned by people that she should not date a

Prisoner unknown to them that they have been involved before

He was imprisoned. What she use to silence them was that he is a

New person and has learnt his lessons in the prison. When people

Discovered that she has made up her mind they leave her, and then

They got married. After this he joined a political party in the island

However, before he could contest for an election he must wait for

Another ten years, for that was what the constitution of their island

Says. After seven years of his freedom, he started his underground

Campaign given people things and since poverty was rampant in the

Island, he soon gained the hearts of people. By the time he openly

Comes out, he has gained ground and won the election effortlessly.

After winning the election what he faced in his tenure of leadership

Was putting the prison yard straight, he makes the place become

A standard place like it is obtainable in other developed islands.

After he leaves the seat of power, what people said about him was

That he was a man who refurbishes the prison custody of

The island, making it standard like the ones being heard about

In other parts of the world.


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