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His Beautiful Smile Makes My Heart Sing

Smile and bring sunshine into someone's life for a moment, and maybe it will linger to be passed on to someone new.


His smile warms my heart and makes me blush,

He past me in the hall---he smiled---but was in a rush.

Smile at me once more,

His beautiful smile I adore.

His smile radiated love signals---to me I hope,

Is there anyone else for him---I hope nope.

His smile followed me home to appear in my dreams,

We were dancing---under the moonlight it seems.

When he asked me for a date,

I said “Yes---I didn’t hesitate.”

Long story short---I now see his smile every day many times over,

I see it in our twins---they smile and laugh as they play with Rover.

A smile can wake-up the coldest heart,

So don’t forget to smile---it can give your love life a start.

I wrote this poem in 2013

Smile Song

Does a Beautiful Smile Make You Smile Back?

© 2021 Barbara Purvis Hunter

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