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Him and Emptiness


Him and Emptiness

He is a body that has lost its soul
A body that has lost its passion for life
There's no hope hanging there
It's all gone, gone

His dream that used to be so inflated
Now it's no longer visible on the eyelids
Everything fell, fell apart
Even the traces have disappeared with the blowing wind

He is an empty soul
There are no friends in laughter
There are no jokes to decorate the day
He… alone in silence

His soul is dry, withered, or maybe it's dead
The body is alive, but not powerful
His life is empty, the goal is uncertain
She is tossed about in her memories

His body looks fit by anyone who looks at it
But in there, deep in his heart
No one knows about the wound, about the pain
It's fragile, but still trying to be strong

Adiva Azzahra,

Gowa, 19 September 2021

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