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High Quality Network

I am a poet, an Author on sweek, and a YouTuber on Jade Anibor channel.

Searching for network


High quality network. (Part one)

Our lives are in the sky,

So high I cannot reach it,

I do not feel my skin anymore,

And the remote you bought me

Is just a tool.

I miss you bird,

The way you peck on me with your beak,

Right on my navel;

How can you do those things to me again,

When you have flown away across ice.

My leopard

I have your spots on,

How do I show you my new look?

I smell the scents of queen in my hut,

And look like a lady in my farm:

A lot of gift you send through air,

But still I cannot touch captain happy;

Still I cannot see father righteous,

And your voice is falling from my ears.

I hate this remote you have sent me,

I look at it without pleasure,

It is nothing like my black candy,

My huge cassava,

What am I to do with it?

You say it will lead me to your voice,

How can this take me on a plane;

To a thousand miles?

You say place it on your ears

And I shall be with you,

I have done so

but it is as silent as Solomon's grave.

Chima told me

Of that object you mentioned,

That I can

Fix into my remote;

So I can hear your cocoa voice.

I am as excited as I was

during my last harvest,


Walking around the hut,

Going round the farm land,

Just to get a sound of your voice -

I cannot hear you.

Where can network be?


High quality network (part two)

Another day has spread itself

Like a web on my entrance,

Wondering how I will make it

With that pistol in hand,

I hope to shoot my words through -

Baby this is not working,

I am out again in the scorching sun

Looking too good to be living this life

In a barn of crops;

Take me to you,

I do not see network doing magic,

As Chima promised he would.

Who is network?

That can get me to London,

While in Nigeria?

Who is that man that can

Send you a picture of how I look

In my village?

What is that thing that can fly faster than an airplane,

And do things witchcraft cannot.

I will kill myself for you

If you do not return now,

And I will do worst than

This network,

That has crippled our joy:

Covered our sun,

And reminded us of our status.

I am now poor to you,

Far away you now see life better;

From a network

You now call quality.

What am I now to you?

I need quality,

I need network,

I need my remote

To be a better pistol

And aim my words

Like an AK 47.

I shall save you here, until I get high quality network.


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