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Hide the Broken You


The pain you feel won't last long they say,
The world is round, tomorrow's another day.
Keep fighting, just stay strong,
And they promised, nothing will go wrong.

They haven't realized my soul is broken,
That everything in my good damn life is crashing.
The smile they see is just a facade,
I am already an empty shell inside.

And yes, i continue smiling,
While deep inside, my heart was breaking.
I laugh it out like everything's perfect,
Ignored my own feelings, tried to reconnect.

When will they see, I'm already fading,
A little more time and I'll be dying.
I'm still here, hoping to be saved,
In loneliness i don't wanna cave.

But I've been crying for days to years,
No one ever listen, no one ever cares.
Now I'm tired, no will to fight,
What will i do, what should be right?