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Hidden Scars

Daniel writes poetry and short stories as a hobby. His poems were featured frequently in a local print media between 2006-2010.

Photo by Pixabay from Pexels

Photo by Pixabay from Pexels

Below the surface of a smile

Lays beneath a fading light

One that dims with each spoken lie

Of the hollow words, “I am alright”

Days at work drag on and on

Nights at home seem to have come and gone

Restless more than a raging storm

Is the mind in pretentious calm

Peace within is nowhere there

Not amidst hidden scars

Watch with love as children play

Protect them Lord from my troubled ways

I do not mean to disobey

But this hurting won't go away

Walking through a crowded space

No one sees me fall

Falling further out of place

I think my soul has gone

Peace within is nowhere near

Only hidden scars

Met someone from outer space

From beyond that where I roam

She brought to life my exhausted soul

She healed my battered heart then so

Perhaps I may just fly again

And overcome the dark within

To the place from which she hails

To the world that I had lost

Peace within forgiveness’ reach

I now may bare these scars

© 2020 Daniel Sakumai

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