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Hidden Shame


The eyes shift downward

Her head drops in shame

Too many years she’s been called ugly names

Boney, skinny, string bean, too tall in height

High yellow, light bright and damn near white

They yanked her pigtails shouting “good hair”

Ignored her on the playground as if she was not there

Flat chested with toothpick legs they say

Sometimes telling her she cannot play

The mirror indicates to her that it's true

There's no one to tell her you just be you

Embarrassed disrespected rejected and hurt

Laughed at scorned kicked down in the dirt

In adulthood weight and confidence have been gained

But painful childhood memories will always remain

Sometimes still her reflection has cast down eyes

Indicating the hidden shame she still carries inside

She tries so hard to not to seem insane

Bit the chold hood memories of pain, remain.

© 2020 Cheryl E Preston

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