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Hibernation in Humans.

Want to slow down physical and social activities.Want to spend more time to myself.

Hibernation is good for Mind.


Hibernation mode On.

All mammals Hibernate, why not Humans.

I want to hibernate physically,

Mentally and emotionally.

In the burrow of my Bed, inactive in the form of;

Eating, sleeping, reading, writing

And reduced social activity.

Hibernation is necessary for survival,

Under unfavorable conditions, such as;

(Home chores, judgmental behaviors

, toxic relationships).

It’s a Best Way to;

Conserve your eternal energy,

Re-connection to your inner self,

And temporary escape from this world.

Let's Hibernate.

Maryam Fatima (author) from Pakistan on August 15, 2021:

Thank you.

Nian from Pakistan on August 15, 2021:

That's a good idea to hibernate. Thank you for the good read.

Maryam Fatima (author) from Pakistan on August 13, 2021:

Thank you so much.

Miebakagh Fiberesima from Port Harcourt, Rivers State, NIGERIA. on August 11, 2021:

The poem contain insightful information I had not read else where. The read is worth it. Thanks.

Kiran. on August 11, 2021:

Let's hibernate

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