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Distances Between Our Worlds

Testimony Akinkunmi is a avid writer who tries to connect to pain, bear it out and deal with it.

Distance between our worlds

How far away is earth?

Poems for distance.

Poems for female friends

There is a little cleanness about her,

as though she has in every case just been washed,

furthermore, there is a dull submission to show

in her obliging slimness

as she bluffs at her serving of mixed greens.

She has never known about Faust, or Frost,

what's more, she is probably not going to have been seen

scavenging through book shops

for keepsakes of others

more hard to name.

Speak your mind. Now.

She may envision "verse"

to be something in like manner between us,

as we compose, crossing over the breadth

among show and something . . .

something the world calls "workmanship"

for need of a superior word.

Around evening time I shout

at the shows of both our universes,

at the distances between words

also, their articles: distances

come of late between us,

like a total separation.


© 2021 Akinkunmi Testimony