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Hey! Kanha

I am Central Govt. employee. I write poem story and blogs. I also interested in study.

Aye ! Kanha


Aye Kanha ... !!

You played the tune of the flute

And said that

O Radhe ... !!!

I have also chosen you.

Used to come when

Panghat (Water way) was taken

by Gagaria (Pitcher).

My name was called by Your Bansuriya(Flute)

You left Vrindavan (A forest)

to meet the promise again

It would have been nice for me to go with you.

My right was only on you

But you could not come on my part.

Colours of desire were many

But you could not find color in my complexion.

To my anguish

Even your flute could not give voice.

Hey Kanha....!!

How strange is the loneliness inside me ..

Thousands are ours,

yet you only remember.

Aye Kanha ... !!

I would have met with you if you were complete

A second and half of love may not be incomplete.



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