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He's Just Around

Chrish is a poetry writer who loves to paint, nature and dog lover, who write for herself and happy to share it with you.


Wandering silently and gently

beneath the wondering and observing moon

It feels like I'm floating

Along the blowing whispering wind

With my wide arm open

In the middle of the night

Where a hush descended over the houses

I stood on my foot

The moon hovered overhead

My eyes witnessed its mysterious form

Like something wordless

I can feel its warm light

Gently touching my skin

Oh, what a silence so accurate

Then I sigh,

Living in the moment

Not trying to understand the past

Neither predicting the future

Just merely breathing

just living the moment

Glaring at the moon,

How can you be so patient?

I asked,

And interest me so oddly

As if there's something

Printed inside of me

Needed to be filled

Then I stop with an exasperated sigh,

There's something about this world

That sometimes make me say a word

When they spake a tone

Of desdain,

My heart were not in it

But it makes me feel like

A prisoner in an aquarium,

Your crown represent my youthful life

Thorny and impossible to endure

But after all the stripes on repeat

And the cruel death

That fell upon you

How did you endure it all?

I asked in a broken hearted tone,

I am a hidden treasure

You kept,

But now my heart is damaged

And in you a very long time I seek

And here beneath the falllow earth

I whelved so deeply and patiently

As I wait,

Like a secret whelved deeply in

Ones heart,

Enough of this a voice in the back

Of my head said,

So what makes you so patient

To wait the sun until it shine

And you do it over a million times

If you'd give me a chance

I'd love to ask if

The waiting was worth it,

Then a sudden gust of wind

Blew my face

Where I don't know where it came from

Neither where its going

As the wind gusting through the branches

Above the silent sky

There is an imposing night clouds

Ambled Above from where I stand

As if it was an introduction

Of an opening gate of heaven

Where the music of the sea begin to play

And the marching joyful sound

Of the rivers is on its way

And the trees are dancing

And rustling endlessly as if they're

Proclaiming and rejoicing for the opening

Gate of heaven,

Then slowly I closed my eyes

My heart and thoughts are silent too

Just as before the birds begin their

Blissful songs and triumphant dance

And the fiery sun is rising on

Earths first million morn

My heart is overwhelmed with joy

That makes me dance as I walk back home

With a firm belief in heart

That it was my God's voice,

The sweet and blissful songs of the birds

The music of the ocean

The joyful marching of the rivers

The whispering of the wind

And the dancing trees,

I know it was you, so why would I fear?

If I can even hear you not just

To my ears, but also in my heart

I know it was all you, and I believed you're just around.

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