He's in Jail, but So Is My Heart

Updated on March 12, 2018

He's in Jail, but so is My Heart

Some ask to be married for 19 yrs.

How do you accomplish that?

Well, it first began with a bottle of vodka

and a whole lot of cold beers.

Am I being sarcastic about it

not at all I was 15 he was 18

we had no experiences at love

puppy love maybe if its love at all.

The first 10 to 12 was unforgettable

but we soon drifted because of all the fights.

The cheating and being treated like shit

those actions are very memorable.

So we let like 6 yrs pass

only seeing each other on certain occasions

and when I finally let him in again

I kicked myself in the ass.

He is the only guy that has ever

understood me. Knows my intentions

I've tried to make him good

but who am I to try and remake an already beautiful invention.

So we got back together

and we got into some trouble

while I'm out here and so lonely he's in jail

waiting for my mail.

I'm not happy about decisions we've made

its called the Bonnie and Clyde effect.

If you ever find that type of love hold

onto it cherish it and don't let it fade.


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    • Rebecca Brewer profile image

      Rebecca Brewer aka Becca 2 months ago from Conway, Ar

      Thank You

    • Mark Tulin profile image

      Mark Tulin 2 months ago from Santa Barbara, California

      Interesting poem. Interesting couple. I like the clear way you express this relationship in your poem.