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Who Loves You in Heaven

I don't rightly know
Where they'll put your grave
If it's next to your husband
He's the one you'll save
We don't have any pictures
I'm hiding like a slave
I'm the love of your life
But is it the one you already gave

I saw another headstone
And on it a man's name
His wife is waiting
To lay down the same
But if she should meet
Love's arrow with good aim
Where will she sleep
When God makes his claim?

Will your ashes float somewhere
Towards the sky and a memory
Will the words softly spoken
Be enough for my eternity
Will God join us up again
Or is a vow all that is holy
What if it happened today
Would my grave be for me only?

It's not about frustration
Or leaving this place alone
It's just the thoughts in my head
Never spoken on the phone
When I walk through a cemetery
And read another tombstone
It's always about Mom and Dad
Not love earning interest out on loan

Still you talk about him
He's the father of your children
You place rocks on a hill
Now you're thinking about him
I'll wait for you always
Even until the light grows dim
But if I see you crying
I'll know it's not if, only when

He's waiting for you in heaven
He said it, no period, no comma
Now many years gone
A new man met your mama
How can we understand
The ways of earthly trauma
Only the Lord knows
How to sort out this drama

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