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He's Everywhere

A lecturer by profession and a poem writer at heart. I started writing since high school. Now, some of them turned into a beautiful songs.

Be with God. Everything is perfect!

You work the hardest, love the best you can, give your all to have what you wanted the most but if it turns the other way, you easily lose the courage you have from the start. People and things can make us better or even worse. Struggles might destroy or make us stronger. But if we put God at the center of everything then we will never be weak when everything is not in our favor.

Seek for HIM. HE will make everything perfect!

My journey seems to be long
Exhausted, thirsty and in doubt
Asking why’s and what if the path is wrong?
Do I have to walk on still? or change the route?

Why do I have to be broken?
If all I did is to love that nothing’s left
What if the other option was chosen?
Will I ever have to regret?

The family that I used to look up
Will never be at home
The promotion that’s on my cup
Sucked my youth and load me with sin

Friends that I always hang out
Act as if I did not exist
Nothing’s left I want to shout
Kissing the dead-end I cut my wrist

Walking on nowhere
Aiming somewhere
Been in everywhere
Not satisfied if where is where

Worn out, I kneeled down
Closed my eyes then wind starts to blow
I see your face saying to slow down
All the uneasiness stopped, I rise and go

I have to put trust, love, and patience in my heart
It will grow into courage to walk further
I didn’t have to search that somewhere
Because God should be in my heart to see him everywhere.....


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