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You're Dead, Yet You're Alive

Ruby writes from the Philippines. She teaches communication and education courses in HEI. She has been teaching online for two years.


You're Dead But Oh You're Alive

Yes you are, oh yes

Though it seems untrue, but it is,

In a box you are in

Where no one frequents to linger

Beneath the ground where people may tread on,

your body now peacefully lies

Confirming Indeed you are dead.

Your skin and bones will soon decay

Our dear teacher, mentor and dad

Leaving us all your children, students and teachers, not glad.

You're alive for your values live in us.

D-Discipline, a word seen and reflected in your life from your home to your school, is often talked and heard from both students and parents.Your discipline was always fair and straightforward. I remember in your Algebra class, I submitted my assignment late for 15 minutes. So I, along with my other classmates who also submitted their assignments late, carried 10 pails of water for the plants as a penalty. And we all willingly did it without a word because we understood that you were doing it, not to destroy us, but to teach us the value of being punctual. And what struck me most was, even if I stayed in your home and you considered and treated me as a member of your family, I still got penalized. That incident, stuck in my head, and it gave me a clear message that, your discipline was always fair. From that day on, I made sure, that I would never submit my assignments or tasks late again, and I did until I graduated.

E-Excellence reflected your ideals as often heard from you when you emphasized to us that we should always exert extra effort in all that we do including that of our class assignments.

A-"Again and do it again" you often said to us several times in class when we didn't do something right until you're sure, we've mastered the particular lesson you wanted us to learn.

T-Time management you always pounded on us and penalized us each time we submitted our work or any task late. Not because you hated us, but you wanted us to learn the value of time. And I have this value practiced now in my own life.

H-Heaven is really your goal for your students because whether it was Algebra or Physics and Mathematics, you always brought our minds back to the Bible and we always ended with God.


You're alive for your life refreshes in us the real meaning of Mathematics, Physics, and Algebra.

M-Mathematics taught me the real meaning of life as reflected in your passion in teaching us not just figures and symbols but real values. You said that we must only multiply the joys and never the trials, and that one plus one is always two and never eleven.

A-"Algebra is consistency in the christian life" as you've uttered. It is a must for every Christian. What people hear from you, they must see lived in your life, and this, I personally saw in yours.

T-Time element was so dear to you as you often frowned on us, and penalized us for being late in our class works. You showed us by this then, that time is indeed gold.

H-Happiness you planted in us despite our adversity and poverty because, you always laughed the loudest even in the simplest of joys in class and outside. You have lived a very simple and humble life, a demonstration of what true christian should be.

S-Sacrifice for your students was your mantra in life. I came to CBI hating and not knowing Algebra because I could relate with x and y. But, I well remember all those Sundays you've missed your meals(Sunday lunch) and you've spent all your Sundays with us just to make us all learn Algebra, Mathematics, and Physics from morning till afternoon. Your patience and passion in teaching all your classes really amazed me making me realize that you've given all for your students in the name of teaching. And because of that, I studied harder and from you, I finally learned and began love Algebra. I praised God for You Sir Bu.

You're alive for your deeds are ever fresh in our minds and hearts.

A-All the values that you have shown, taught and we've caught, in our hearts and lives are truly alive just like the morning flowers we see each day.

L-Legacy of christian education is here to stay with us not simply a memory, but a living testimony of one who has given his all for God and the youth for eternity.

I-Influence is the most important word you have left in us, in me especially for you have impacted my life deeply. You inculcated in us your school's byword that says "Character Before Intellect".

V-Victory was yours even in your death, for your life still lives in our heats today. You have come up a winner amidst life's challenges and trials that you have gone through in your life. Thank you for showing us this Sir Bu.

E-Eternity is the only lasting equation I know for you, for with the Lord forever you shall be rejoicing to meet Him in that reunion day with all CBI teachers, students, alumni and parents, and everyone whose life has been touched by your education for eternity. Thank you "Sir Bu" as we always called you, for living that kind of life for us. Now, Your Life and even your Death, will constantly point us all to eternity with this prayer, "So teach us to number our days, that we may apply our hearts unto wisdom," (KJV).


© 2022 Ruby Campos

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