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Hermit Crab Shuffle

Heather has a Bachelor's Degree in English from Moravian College and has been freelance writing for more than 13 years.

Been stuck in traction for way too long to remember

Numerous Teslas and Mercedes whizzing by with rapid laughter

At a speed that was so callous in nature that Superman

Would throw a huge tantrum at the idea of being beaten

Trying to come up with a properly worded plan

Ended up feeling like a sucker for being duped into believing

That the stars would always align and to never be proven wrong

Well, not outright at least

Needed to maintain a little dignity in these stressful moments

Transformed from a part of the usual Rat race into something else

Became a separate entity that seemed to be untouchable to everyone

Invisible to those modern age vampires looking to devour

Everything and everyone in sight on impulse

Turned into a single solitary crustacean performing on a stage

Imaginary and otherwise to keep people guessing

Walking on the sandiest beach on the Caribbean

Always toeing the line between the crisp salt & vinegar shore

And nipping at someone's toes when least expected

Would rather be swimming in low tide waters

Than as a Red Lobster dinner entrée piece

Ultimate kiss of death would be becoming an accessory

In any of the big chain restaurants' Caesar salad

Instead something off the main course portion of menu

Not giving up without a fight; even when tired of fighting

Going to continue to pinch away until the fisherman

Decided to cut his net wide open or some blood is drawn

Whichever comes first; or ends the battle once and for all

Felt though that this skirmish was just the beginning

Of something else that could take a lot longer to finish

Not entirely willing to commit to something so time consuming

Especially after the past few months of being a lab rat

Idea of being studied under a microscope caused hives

To come out of the woodwork and cover anything flesh toned

Made the decision to simply keeping on walking this path

Letting nature take its course; with medical supervision of course.

The main course of this feast.

The main course of this feast.

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