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Here it is In the Middle of the Night

I Had a Thought

What if we could be anyone we wanted to be

Then do anything we set our minds to do

Would we be happy?

Not so fast

If today we wanted to be something

Then tomorrow we wanted to be something else

It wouldn't matter because we would eventually get what we want

Maybe we would be happy for awhile

Would we always want to have more?

Would it conflict with what other people want?

Say if two people want to be the same thing

The person who thought of it first

Would get it then after awhile someone else

There are so many times I want something and I never got it

Would my life of been really that much better?

If I got what I think I wanted

Maybe there was a greater purpose after all

When I was crushed and let down

I had no choice but to try again

Hopefully to succeed

Many times at something else

When the first goal is out of reach

When the window of opportunity has past

I am sad and shaken

What I am is not broken

I keep on trying to do what I couldn't do before

Our minds can carry many thoughts

That is what is wonderful and beautiful

Maybe we weren't meant to be what we thought we would be or do what we set out to do

Because we were meant for greater things

Our dreams were not consistent with our own capabilities

Lets say for sake of an argument

We always liked flying

Then we thought we would be a great steward or stewardess

We applied and were not hired

We learned all there was to learn

As crazy as it seems

There were no openings

Then still did not get hired

Our dreams grew stronger than ever

We not only wanted to travel more

We wanted to be in control

It pushed us to want a bigger and better job and profession

We decided we wanted to be the pilot

After years of learning and studying

We finally get to be that pilot

Now living a new dream

Only because our old dreams have failed

We never would of set our dreams and hopes so high

If it wasn't for our first failure

Then when we tried again

To see if we still wanted the same things as before

Our desire grew bigger and greater than before

So maybe it is time to thank all the dreams that didn't make it

That didn't succeed

This gave us time to rethink

To see if this is what we really want

To make our thoughts crystal clear

Making us focus

So we can pinpoint the exact thing

That we really love

Good luck to every endeavor you take

If you get it or not