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Here We Go Again And Again

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We Have Been Through The Ringer

It is not the first time

It won't be the last

Instead of an easy day and a relaxing night

We have some trouble to deal with

It is something we couldn't plan for

Then again, did we cause it indirectly ?

The best thing to do

Is to make every effort to change the situation

Results are hidden

Progress is slow

We talk and discuss a plan

One that we can achieve

Not one person doing it all by themselves

A team effort to get things done

Day in and day out

Praying for good signs

That everything is healing

Doctors hopefully optimistic

Pushing to our limits

All we can do is wait

Going to our work and doing what we have to

To restore balance

Sharing the great news

Nothing to worry about at this time

Keep doing what your doing

Healing is going in the right direction

Unless something changes

Then we deal with that when the time comes

We are not out of the woods yet

Repeating more of the same

In such a complex world

I liked it so much better

When it was a simple yes and no

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