Her name is Sandra

Updated on August 22, 2018

That beautiful day when I first saw her

She actually caught me with her intelligence

I started seeing something special in her

Her name is Sandra but I call her Sandy

I told her how beautiful she is and how gracious her eyes are, I told her about her legs and figure because I see a queen in her so I professed royalty because she need no make up to bring out the chocolate in her. She smiled whenever she heard my voice then one day she told me how blown she was...

You are blowing me off my feet with words

I don't know if you truly mean all you said

But one thing is true because I am confused

My heart is searching for the best seal

I actually wanted to be a protector though it seemed somehow because of my status but I was ready to stand the chance and take the risk knowing very well that no one will be hurt but on a second thought, I figured out that professionals don't break the rules so realizing that became a breakthrough

You cannot mix work and pleasure and get a positive result and two things that doesn't blend well if brought together is business and pleasure, in other words woman and business. For you to bring out the best of you and the best of an opportunity, these two has to be separated

You are a special being to me and in you I see purity

It's true that you felt blown sometime ago

Nothing is better than being honest to yourself

It brings out the best of the opportunity at hand

You see, the combination of two great talents in a positive form brings out great things that is why lovely brush is our first professional work together and the future seems bright because now we have planted that seed of trust and affection so what is left is not just intimacy but oneness.

Those hidden smiles on your face my dear tells me something you are hidding because the other day, I asked you to snap but you said that it was dark then few days afterwards, I demanded a quick snap and I got it because of the table and not the sheet so if one can be shy about a request then it's building

Everything has its time and once it ever ripe, you will understand that you are in a safe hand because one of the greatest discoveries in our course of existence is self discovery which is what brought us together and has guided us to where we are now and where we are heading to

Your painting are done with oil

Your words are like oil to my heart

I still carry one of your desires in me

And surely at the right time and right day

We will have our share of whatever it is that will take us to the place we long to be.

Declaration of love is an act of friendship but what makes it all special is when it's done...

" Love is when the other person's happiness is more important than your own"

"The greatest happiness of life is the conviction that we are loved"

" Love is not only something you feel but something you do"

" The true essence of love is the amount of smile the other person wears"

" To love and cherish someone is not that easy but to respect is eternal"

" Where are you my darling, my love, I can't find you among the lilies"

True friendship is measured by our respect for others that is why Sandy, you mean the star and the moon to me, just like a kid sister under the watch of a big brother till the hand of clock gets weak.

© 2018 Chibuzo Melvin Mobis


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