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Her Realization

Exploring my talent, putting it into use in the literary world for the benefit of humanity and promotion of communication


She was in love

With a guy within

The neighborhood and they

Were having it nice

As time passes, for

Distance they couldn’t maintain

Their relationship again, it

Was not like now

That there are so

Many social media that

Could relatively bring partners

Closer than closest

After their separation, she

Thought he has been

Gone from her for

Ever and had to move on

With her life, thence

She became involved with

A man in her school

Everything seems normal

After their graduation from

The institution, they formalized

Everything with the hope

That they had known each other enough

Fate smiled on her

Quickly than the guy

She was married to

And she rose through ranks and files

In no distant time

And became one of

The directors of the

Establishment where she works

Many benefits she was

Entitled to because of

Her position. And this

Was when he started changing

He was envious of

Her instead of being

Supportive he was nay

And became an alien to her

He started talking to

Her like a servant in

The home. This issue

Degenerated until they parted

For she couldn’t withstand

What she was passing

Through with him again

The judges approved their divorce

Some months after she

Was introduced to someone

Whom her friends vouched

For, but he was wolf in sheep clothing

He entered her life

And left her battered

Than he met her

Leaving her depressed and torn out

She passed through the

Street where she has

Spent her youth and

Met with old faces

While discussing with them

She got to know about

Her first love’s whereabout

She was accompanied by a friend

To where he lives,

They were both elated

To see each other

After about 2 decades of separation

She pleaded with him

If she could take

Him out so that they

Would have nice time together

At least reliving the

Memories because it has

Been a while that

They ‘ve parted ways

He obliged her and

They went to a beautiful

Resort place to hang out

With each other to see life together as adults

They had seen life

Together when they were

Youths, but not as adults

Whom they had become

They were at their

Commonest place where they

Used to hang out at

When they were youths

They noticed the changes

In the outlets and

Remembered the fun they used

To have together those days

It was for her a

Memorable occasion. They soon

Parted way. But she was

Much relived being with him.

Started wishing that she

Be in his arms again

He has been her

First love. Ditto for him.

The tension on her

Face and other body

Parts was removed by

The transient time they spent together

It is now the time

Of the social media

And the internet, they connected

With each other on social media

They continued their acquaintance

On the social media

For they live at

Different states within the country.

Whatever problems she had

He would be the first

Person she would divulge

The information to

To ask for his counsel

On the matter. For

She has no confidant

Again. She trusts none of her friends

Before re-enacting her friendship

With him, she felt

She was alone in the world

For all she’s experienced

She was happy to

Have his shoulder to

Lean on during her

Disturbing moments now

On whatever she asks

For counsel, his counsel

Has been timely and

Wonderful that if yielded to

Have saved her embarrassments

Not once neither thrice.

A woman who has

Always been depressed before

Was no longer depressed

Again, and people could

See the array of

Joy written all over her

Like a person who has

Just won a jackpot.

People were thrilled for

Her, that she has put the past in the past

She has gotten over

Her challenges and now

Moving forward in her

Endeavors in life.

One day sat she

Down to reflect on

Her life, her past

And her present status

And she discovered that

Her life has been

Changed because of the

Old friends she has reconnected with

And most especially her

Old lover. Sometimes old

Lovers, old friends that

Knew much about you

Will do the magic

She says to none

As they have wrought

Wonders in her life

She no longer become

A shadow of herself

But her real self.

This is a mystery.

How good it is

To have someone who

Understands you by your side

Always, it would be heaven on earth