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Her Power Failed on Them #3

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It is never too late for anyone to discover his/herself in life. Discovering this talent of writing makes me feel elated...


Therefore, she has the audacity to tell her son not to be worried about the maiden

For hers’ is but a little matter. The guy this lady was secretly involved with too also

Has some power to discern evil people and their effects on him and other people.

When he starts noticing strange things happening between the lass and himself,

He was disturbed, his mind was shaken and wanted to quit the relationship. He

Has been thinking about how to go about leaving her for weeks until something

Happened on sunny afternoon while in was in his room lying on his bed. He

Saw an open vision and saw this woman invoking the evil powers and sending the

Powers to go and attack the lady and the person the lady is involved with, saying

That it is high time they be separated so that the lady would start dating her son

After hearing and seeing this, then he comes to his senses and knows that all that has

Been happening between them have been her handiwork, thence he decides that

Nothing would come in between the lass and himself, “for the winds have blown and

The anus of the hen has been exposed”. Now his relationship with her becomes strong

And powerful than before. The woman could not fathom what was happening, for

The Power of Love

They ought to have parted by now, having invoked the strongest of her powers to

Work to bring about the separation speedily. As wicked people are not tired of doing

Wickedness she continues to try in casting spells on them, sending for others with

The same evil power to assist her in bringing her wishes to pass on them, but

Their works on them never worked. A person who has known the family where

They were once living before relocating to the island visited one of the guy’s

Friend and on seeing the woman pass by he told them how wicked she was

And how she has used her evil power in destroying some relationship in the island

They were living before. When this man says this, the guy adds it up to what he

Has seen and know that he has not erred. When her power failed on the duo,

She will later move out of the area to another island later while the guy and the lass

Continue to blossom in their love…


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