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Her Power Failed on Them #2

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Mr. Pamilerin Ogundare

Mr. Pamilerin Ogundare

As the lady has not changed her disposition to his proposal,

The woman told her son not to be worried with what she said that

“The lady’s hen would eventually enter his cage with time”, he should

Leave the rest to her she told him. The woman was told about the secret

Love relationship between the lady and another guy. She told her son no to

Be moved by that for there are many people who would be in love with a guy

Or lady but who would not become husband and wives later. They are just

Passing time together she says, they are not meant to be together, you are the one

For her, you will be her crown, you will become her husband she confidently told

Her son that. The woman was confident of her sorcery for it has worked on others

And she believed there was no reason why the power would not work on the lady and

The guy she is romantically involved with. Before this case, she has used to power

To bring discord and separation among those who have been involved with those

Three of her children have been married to. What she used to do after confirming from

Her children whether they love to be married to those they have spoken to was that if

If That's What it Takes

They truly wish that to be theirs’ and when they replied that they want them to be

Theirs’ she would cast spell on them, and they will start having terrible nightmares about

Those people they were involved with. In addition to the terrible nightmares, those people

Would discover that after meeting with their lovers, they will take ill and things they

Lay their hands upon to do would go south, even things that have been perfected which

They do not think would have flaws would not work again. After they have experienced

This for two or more times they will call it quit with each other and will conclude that

They are not meant to be together and would thank their stars that they had not been married

To each other for assuming that has happened, they will be suffering there and to separate

Would be problems, for sites of injury cannot be compared with sites that has not been

Injured. She perfects everything in that as she is casting spells on those her children love

To be married to, she will also cast spell on those romantically involved with them,

This usually makes the separation smooth and painless, for both would be eager for

The separation before it occurs. This is the evil power she wields and uses on those

Already in love to bring about their separation so that those she wills marry them.