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Her Power Failed on Them #1

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Miss Tola, inputting Research Data

Miss Tola, inputting Research Data

She was charming, beautiful, and intelligent, the

First daughter and the second child of her parents. Her

Quest for knowledge knows no bound among the children

Of her parents. She has recently returned from a trip to

Another island where she alongside her mates have been for

Weeks to carry out research on why certain virus is prevalent

In that island but in the neighboring islands such viral infection

Is not that rampant there. She is busy with her computer system

Inputting data she has gathered from the research into her work, for

She hopes to complete her documentation and submit the project

To the concerned authority as soon as possible. When doing this she

Hardly leaves her room and when she does it would be brief as she will

Return to her work immediately. She noticed however that another

Family has moved to the apartment next to theirs and could see their

Neighbor’s children are grown ups and they are males. As she has

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Work to do, she has no time to ask about the details of those family

From her siblings. After she submitted the project and she becomes less

Busy, one of her neighbor sons older than her who has been greeting her

Regularly started entering their house, started playing with her, the kind

Of play has been determined for he wants her to be his lover. But the lady

Does not want to date him, not that he is not handsome but because of what

She has noticed about him in the recent times that she has been studying

Him, she discovered that he has been over-pampered by his parents and he is

Morally bankrupt. She will not wish to be romantically involved with a person

Who is morally bankrupt for there is no way they will perfectly fit into each

Other, there shall always be clashes, for light and darkness have nothing in

Common. She would not want that at this early phase of her life. Apart from

This, her mind is yet on her education, how she will make progress

Academically coupled with the fact that she is secretly seeing a guy which the

Members of the family are yet to be fully aware of. One thing was hidden to her

And other members of her family and it was that the mother of this guy is

A powerful woman spiritually, she is a sorceress. She has by her sorcery get

Spouses for her children. The woman on seeing the attributes of this young

Maiden has counseled her son to propose to her. After the guy proposed to

The maiden he has feed his mother back of the outcome of the proposition the

Lady says she is not interested in him.