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Her Hopeful Eyes

Ravi Rajan is a program director working in India. He writes articles on management, creativity, and positive psychology techniques

This is the story of a girl who lost everything due to a terrorist attack but her eyes still spell hope as she collects and rebuilds the fragments of her shattered life. This poem inspired by Brenda's word prompt HOPE.


Her hopeful eyes,
alluring, innocent eyes,
brimming with vibrant dreams,
dreams weaving a magical world,
a world enthralled in heavenly happiness,
bathed in God’s pristine radiance,
ruled by glittering angels,
mesmerizing, stirring eyes.
Her hopeful eyes.

Her hopeful eyes,
hollow, lifeless eyes,
haunted with shattered memories,
memories of a peaceful world,
a doting father, an indulgent mother,
a cottage in the hills,
blessed by mother nature,
nostalgic, lonely eyes.
Her hopeful eyes.

Her hopeful eyes,
petrified, tearful eyes,
pierced with gruesome images,
images of cruel, masked men,
killing without remorse, waging false “Jihad,”
wiping her tranquil, somnambulistic world,
creating a black abyss,
vanquished, destitute eyes.
Her hopeful eyes.

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