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Her Heart's Spring

An ESL teacher who cannot settle anywhere, loves coffee too much yet drinks one cup a day, and struggles from her perfectionism.


As cloudy as a day could ever be,

On a crispy, cold winter day,

Across the Earth, near the Yellow Sea,

A young woman was waiting at the runway.

Between the busy rows she sat

with a backpack and a small suitcase,

A young man turned to her to chat,

For he was dazzled by her gleaming grace.

A small encounter was all it took

Yet much dedication on his part,

To thaw her benumbed ice-cold brooks,

Which time had frozen in her heart.

And an uninvited temperate breeze

Sprung through her icy streams,

Forcing spring in the midst of a winter freeze;

A dichotomy falling apart at the seams.

And everything that was once forgotten

Suddenly through the cracks it grew,

Brightening her life like a rose blossom,

For which the wait was long overdue.

He was not the knight in shining armour

But he was the "Bliss" of her existence

Though feisty and rowdy, he was much warmer

Than the sun, and closer to her in distance.

After that moment, the winter of her heart

Melted away with his love;

Molding together what was torn apart

From the harsh winds of life or a part thereof.

The beauty of spring is that it only comes

After darkness and bitter winds;

Serving as a reminder that life is but the sums

Of trials and beautiful hymns.

He whispered to her that "a red rose

Is only beautiful with her thorns;

So fear not what life may transpose

And for you I shall withstand its storms".

© 2021 WinterJay

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