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What Do Ya Say

Creating lyrics through creative flow and beats in minds From love to hate and passion along with fate. #YoloWithYoyo Master of Random

The Datura


Grab my hand


Come with me

I promise

I promise

I promise babe,

It’s only You and Me

Every time

Every time we walk the streets


You know what sweeps me off

Sweeps me off my feet.

Off my feet

Could be the coldest day or even worst summer heat.

I see you and I feel the spring flower vibes

Everything makes more sense

Here, Now, Who, Wow



And Love

All you need is to smile and the room warms up to the oasis of what hell...

Hell.... Hell could be

Me Without you and you without me




It’s all there for me and you

We have it.

So Why not let it go... the fear inside

We both know

I Adore you from the heart

Your mind, cheeks, smiles, your smarts

No one can ever understand the life lived in the of the past

It’s in the past

Together you and me

I love you and I swear, I know everything about you and it’s you adore I swear

I swear

I swear

That you are the love that was meant to be,

Regardless of our different past

We are the ones that were meant to last.

Regardless of the past we are meant to last.

We are Meant to last.

I swear to God I love ya,

I Swear to God it True.

I swear to God I Love ya, let me hear

I Love You Too


© 2019 YoloWithYoyo

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