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Her Big Day - A Poem

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Rozlin loves composing poems and sharing them with her readers. She pours her heart in her every write up.

Her Big Day

A day in their life that will be always cherished.

A day in their life that will be always cherished.

About The Poem

Recently, I attended my brother’s wedding in India. On the wedding day, I was really touched, when I met my sister in law’s mother. I felt her feelings were very hard. Giving one’s priceless thing is not an easy task. Memories are still fresh in my mind. My muse was still on my sister in law’s mother’s experience. Today, I have written that experience in words. I hope I have done the justice with her experience in my poem.

Her Big Day

With emotions filled up to the brim, she greeted everyone.

She tried repeatedly not to weep.

Until she saw her girl dressed in bridal outfit,

Her tears rolled out.


Giving away her little one,

to the groom was very tough.

She played her role very well,

To train her girl to adjust in every atmosphere,

To face new expectations in a very new life.


Her tears won’t stop shedding,

When she greeted her on the farewell.

She kissed her proudly.

Overwhelmed with gaiety and grief at the same time,

She reminisced the day she gave her birth.


Worriedly, she wished her for the new life.

Merrily, she accepted the big day

Her little princess was blessed for

Smilingly, she let the life go on.

© 2022 Rozlin

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