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Her Backstage Story No One Knows

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I love to write poems and I enjoy everything that's poetic because poetry is always soothing and perfect for the soul.


The Rhymes of Her Life

She sews in a theater

Where shine for a time

Sad heroines

Kate is in tears

Keira is sorry

Emma laments

Emily is dying

The costumes imagined

By her two skilful hands

Dress the strollers

Under fragile lights

With needles

In crazy fabrics

She manufactures the petticoats

Ephemeral queens

Embellish the used silks

On antique trestles

Cutting dream fabrics

For brief stars

She repairs the snags

Cyrano's floating tinsel

Dark silhouette behind the scenes

Far from the jaded spotlights

In the secret of the curtain

She invents an existence

At the turn of declaimed fates

Despite her aged sadness

Her wavering heart

Her weary fingers

Her eyes watch always the words

She becomes Juliet, Celimene, Ophelie

And endlessly, silent dazzled

She listens to play the rhymes of her life.

© 2021 Zeenat

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