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Hellebores - Legend of the Winter/Christmas Rose

Poetry that comes from the writer's heart of things she has seen or come to know about, sharing what that heart has learned.

Some Poems Write Themselves

These flowers grow in the south and central Europe and are very poisonous to eat. They are said to put out peaceful and calming vibes. Generally I brush off sayings such as these but without understanding why I fell in love with this beautiful flower I found in North Carolina at a little place called Tanglewood. It seemed so magical I knew it had to have a story.

I did find all I could out about the flower which made the words begin to flow.

Once it was written I had to wonder if the flower maybe whispered its mystery in my ear.

I like to think so.

Christmas Rose


The Winter Rose - A Poem

Legends of Hellebore go deep to ancient days

With power of good and evil in its vein

This flower used for many ails and illness

And also tried by royalty in their reign

Was this the cause of death to kings

Like Alexander the Great many do say

He took a bit too much of a good thing,

like others, that was his last ruling day

Hippocrates it is said, used this plant to purge

Was this the cleanser way back then

Did they believe it cleansed their bowel

And perhaps it took away their sin?


Life and Death to Kings

For it was often used for mental illness

In witchcraft rituals to summon demons out

Calling on the angels of darkness

For those misfortunates who went that route

Melampus of Pylos helped King Argos

Give this to his daughters he did meet

Screaming and crying with madness

And running naked through the street!

Yet from all these tales and legends

About this potent lovely flower

One stands out to me above all

In this fragrant beauty's power


The Legend That Stands Out

It is the story of a young girl child

And the Christ baby Jesus she sees

But with no gift at all to give Him

She falls down sadly to her knees

She says how very sorry she is

that she has nothing for a gift

She then begins to cry out loud

and her head, she can no longer lift

So down on her knees in the snow

Where her pouring hot tears flows

The puddle begins to warm the ground

Where then sprouts... the “Christmas Rose"


Hellebores - The Christmas Rose

© 2022 Jackie Lynnley

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