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Helios - A Poetic Expression

I am a day person completely. I feel a bit low after every sunset. This poem is an ode to the sun accentuating its importance in my life.


Magnum strength of force

Gold vermilion purple shine through

For hours I bathe in its hue.

Rather angry he seems at a point

When the day is past half its time

Like a little tadpole I try to smile

Wrinkle my eyes and tears anoint.


Warmth of the early morn

With a cool breeze to comb

My face hands and soul.

The dusk brings a bright red ball

To look at him straight is no easy game

From the corner of my eyes

I try and fail to fathom his holy grail.

Like a mystery with various shades

A presence of the divine fate

He shines and fades every day.

© 2019 Tiyasha Maitra