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More Heaven's Orchestra__Another Collection of Angel-Inspired Musical Instrument Acrostic Poems

Kristen Howe had written dozens of book reviews for Netgalley, First to Read (before it was defunct), for BookishFirst, & also on her blog.

Listen to Angels Play Harps


Relax With the Tropical Beat of Timpani Drums


Alto Saxophone and Timpani

Alto Saxophone

Angels rejoice to R&B and jazz sounds of music,
Lifts us up to a tune of smooth melody,
Touches our heart with a meeting of a rich rhythm,
Original notes of an universal harmony in twilight.

Soft accompaniment of violins, cellos and oboes,
Angels sway to the songs of God’s praise,
Xylem float and sink to the bottom of ocean floors,
Omnipotence collaboration with voice and piano,
Perhaps with soprano sax, horns, tubas and trombones,
Heaven’s healing is the cure of a new arrival,
Over a layer of good versus evil souls,
Now powerful than ever against Hell through notes,
Eternity winning every battle with jazz on Judgement Day.


Thunderous percussion sound hits home,
Inches away from lightning, but touches our heart,
Melts the anger down to the ground with metal kettledrums,
Promises of a rich new beginning with mallets,
Angels strike evil with Zeus’s trident,
Never let God’s angels befall to the devil,
Impure thoughts of deceit fades away.

Electric Piano and Clarinet

Electric Piano
Eternity brings forth peace and immortality.
Love is spread out with electric beat,
Ethereal beings play a song in God’s ebony originality,
Calmness is made and is forever complete,
Tender notes brings glory and triumph fought,
Reaches out the power of goodness with ivory in every thought,
Impossible discretions discarded in a pile,
Clamps down on suffocation of piano keys by bad bile.

Priceless symphonic melody is heard everyday,
Invisible fancy fingers is played in every way,
Angelic orchestrations with electric shock waves,
Never loses, with each soul it saves,
Only good vibrations will be hear to stay.


Clouds repel like a ladder of brass or rope,
Lassos like an angelic cowpoke, not dope,
Angels love the sound this instrument makes,
Rights the wrongs on humanity’s mistakes,
Ill thoughts of hatred through notes is wiped away clean,
New decisions are ready-made and pristine,
Eternity enters to a new heartbeat,
Triumphant saintly soulful lives are complete.

The Beat of Steel Drums Calms You


Steel Drum and Reed Organ

Steel Drum

Secular music hit the skies by steel,
Touches us deeply makes it real,
Eases us to a calm enlightening appeal,
Elevates the moods for a good peaceful feel,
Lengthen our lives by a grand eternal deal.

Dreams drift into a good and sweet sleep,
Ready-made visions is what we must keep,
Underneath it all, it goes even more deep,
Music from tropical Heaven doesn’t creep.

Reed Organ

Realms of moonbeams mixes with the sun rays,
Eternal deep notes from this organ is secular on Sundays,
Everyone sings to a hymn or a psalm,
Doubt is erased to a wave of notes from reeds to a slow calm.

Only heard at church for celebration, service or Mass,
Relief has reached us, when the moment will pass,
Givings of joy, peace, harmony, happiness and love,
Angels sing along to a percussionist above,
Nature sends a cue to release a dove.

Acoustic Bass and Rock Guitar

Acoustic Bass

Angels feel so much at peace and ease with strumming strings,
Calmness and meditation is a release of bad energy,
Opening our heart to free our soul to Eden,
Usually helps to keep it under control, evenly,
Sends shivers up and down our spine, rich in vibes,
Tender thoughts of two hearts in one combine,
Incredible tremors of Heaven’s twilight,
Coos our fears, vanishes nightmares and fright.

Blending Heaven and Earth by strings as only one,
Angelic love can be complete by harmony and done,
Smooth sounds from this percussion notes,
Soars good news as our hope floats.

Rock Guitar

Rhythm sets the mood with a tune,
Organic melody begins here soon,
Calmness blended in with an angelic symphony,
Kisses you with love, and hugs the universe in peaceful ecstasy.

Graceful hands pluck strings with a pick,
Unique powerful sounds from an amp with a kick,
Intoxication of rock-and-roll with a fast beat,
Turbo-charged loud notes spread out to be complete,
Angels sing along with God’s harmonious song,
Ready or not, Karaoke in His kingdom isn’t wrong.

Sound the Horns

Hope you enjoyed my second collection of angelic acrostics I wrote after my grandfather had died a decade ago. Whenever I think of an orchestra or symphony playing on TV or on the radio, or needed to decompress with "white noise", I put myself in the zen mode and listen to classical music to hear the angels for a short period. It also helped put my Muse in better spirits and refocused my concentration.

© 2015 Kristen Howe

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