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Heavenly Red Cardinal Message Poem With Reflection

I believe in signs from the supernatural; read this poem and ponder the message left for my mother, in my opinion.

One of the Red Cardinals


Mom's Heavenly Red Cardinal Message Poem and Reflection

Come home
Heaven is calling
Red Cardinal birds are

fluttering to your window

twelve Cardinal birds

with their pairs
gather around you
your earthly life
was going
to transform
into a heavenly soul
comfort will
filled the room
with feelings
of angels
telling you
not to fear
for you
are not alone

Welcome Home


Watching the Cardinal birds one right after the other was magnificent. Everyone in the room witnessing this; felt it had to be a message from heaven. So many people have heard that if you see a cardinal bird, it means a visitor from heaven, but who was the visitor? Was the visitor a passed loved one, or was it GOD?

I tried to get the Cardinal birds on a video, but I accidentally had the setting on portrait instead of video. So I had to hurry to get a few pictures of this magnificent sighting. I got about five photos of this sighting, and the view was heavenly.

The nursing home put her into the bird room days before my mom's passing so the family could be with her more during her last days. They also had a room with a few birds to admire. The birds helped the residents have pleasant moments.

The birds in her room at that time were not Cardinal birds. They were just beautiful birds that chirped for three days straight. Then, the moment my mother passed, the birds stopped chirping. After that, the birds were silent for about fifteen minutes.

The end of her life left a handprint on my heart forever and ever.

A Nursing Home Bird Room Photo


Heavenly End with Surrounding Love


© 2022 Linda Kaaz

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