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Heaven Is Missing Me


Is this how I wish to be remembered?

started great but yet I dunno how I got here

been standing close to the stars

but I lost my access,

So I can’t stand up to anything or anyone

More like, I’m empty? no, maybe I’m dead

I’m in a black hole now, I really can’t explain this

been here for a while,

Hey! anybody here? I got questions,

where I came from, I’m certain some soul’s are expecting me back…

how do I bid them goodbye?

this isn’t how I’d wish them to remember my existence.

I heard heaven gains while earth loses

so is heaven missing me?

I thought I could… have a say or something

wasn’t I Christlike enough to be informed?

or maybe i am a test rat, but God is just, right?

I mean, why create me to test me?

omnipotent and omniscient too, so He probably knew how the test gonna be…

so what’s the essence?

I ain’t mad at you, lol… I can’t be

but if you missing me? come get me

my packs are gone, am I suppose to carry on?

great it was, but lone it is now.

I’m ready if our terms are meet

being in motion for so long but in one spot

so it’s safe to say, heaven is missing me

remember, I tried.

© 2022 Christopher Ndulue

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