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Have you ever seen the condition of someone's heart? What is the reason behind it? This poem describes the climate of one's heart.

Fresh Feelings Gush Forth

Fresh Feelings Gush Forth


If I bare my heart now,

a tsunami will splash against your eyes,

and all my emotions will drown your heart.

All my flutterings, sufferings and lies

will conquer your brain, and start

a thunderstorm with gentle rain

but lightning will pierce your ears.


After the mayhem,

a rainbow will spring from your eyelashes,

trailing down your body and filling

the holes you suffered from my heart.

Your ears will be resurrected

by the fleeting happy emotions I had,

and your eyes will get to see:


A fountain falling in a dried well;

moss growing on cracked land;

flowers popping from the foot of trees;

butterflies with glowing wings

soaring higher into the azure sky;

and a little girl being chased by a man

will say, 'Catch me if you can! And...

if you don't, I'll eat your share of


© 2022 Moin Khan Muzammil

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