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Hearts Pain

Heart pain

And the embarrassment then ...

When we think of a person and misread the prayers

And in the second rak'ah instead of the fourth rak'ah they greet ...

Forget reciting Surah after Sana ...

And to give this person as much time as possible, they start praying quickly

and then....

When the same person tears our hearts to pieces.

Our every moment of love, longing, waiting, tears go away.

Then we can't believe it.

Run after it,

They shower their self-esteem at his feet for a look.

And then they wish

May he make this love of ours the crown of his head but we forget it

That the thing inserted in the feet does not make the crown of the head but the dust of the feet.

When that person pushes us, we fall straight into prostration.

Then words do not come out of our tongues for forgiveness, for prayer ...

When it comes out, only a moan full of pain ... The blood of the injured heart starts flowing from the eyes in the form of tears ...

The breath gets stuck somewhere in the throat with tear gas,

At this moment the heart wants the world to stop here, darkness everywhere, our breath to come out here but it does not happen

There is only pain,

There are only tears,

It only hurts,

There is only sorrow, there is only darkness

There are only heartbeats

And you know

There is only embarrassment.

© 2022 Ahmed Ali

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