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Heart's Apart


'Mind body', soul.. separate, depart...

chart, far, tops, 100, notes, remark,

shark, soul, loan, dog, fish, bone, bark..

under surface, dark..

I can't read to see what im writing, hold on.. park.. uhhhhh.. it's in park..

car park..

volumes, stark..

contrast.. let it blast, away fast, mind tire fire, squeals a reminder, black band marks..

moving forward forks..

folks fore word- moving, it may get hard to breathe, as, the, smoke, chokes..

harder than a not, old.. dry.. oak..

poke.. poke.. smolder, stoke,

locomotive... go!!

charge the line.. this is live.. flow, flow,

flow through me and water the seeds.. growth, grow, grown,

beanstalk chalk, silhouette, watch, crow squawks, sandy loam,

soil sings dirt, chirp chirp, birds a nerd.. verbs, words count, toes

piggy piggy.. there you go.. off to market.. yes you know,

sold.. waits in gold..

heavy, metal, settle, lyrics, ledger, bill, folds,

into pocket, softest, wad, ass, feels, stick, stuck, poles,

walk, up, fuk, roll..

lets go..

anywhere, anytime, blow,

feathers, clever, wall, fall, light, glows,

blinding, behind, veiled, string, knots, chose,

to hold fast, never, let, .. suppose,

conversation, information, pre, load,

airborne, floored,

gear, switched, shift, missed, hard..

that's a hard path if you do the math.. darn..

stuck, kick-starting, fire, in, the, barn,

goldie locks box, open lucky charms,

milk, silks, [the] quilt, dairy, needs, farms,

spin, spun, yarn..

amish, in charge,

land to the wide, eyes, at, large,

WHEW... anyone else got anything to say.. lisa, maggie, bart.. Marge...

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