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Heartless Love's Door Closing . . .

Many of my hubs originate from my teenage years and those past twenty. Some pieces were funny. Some were sad,.Some were down right scary.

Master artist, Vincent van Gogh.

Master artist, Vincent van Gogh.

She said it wouldn't work, so then why did her love fade?

Now the nameless servants drive me to their pill

Shrieking, choking, guzzling nasty drinks from a fool's prade.

I look down and see the end, the bottom of razors kill.

Jagged, loving rocks obey nature's bidding, I only look

At a glaring set of brown eyes, her disguise, I felt it though.

My aged steed running unwanted miles at love I forsook.

Loving (her) the desert woman of arms so low.

Her horses gamble how to be loosened, free to fly away

Desperation fails, society's nails rusty and frail

Why did she love my nights and touch her day?

Of her voice like rough-edge angel's, pale and very pale.

Her obedient phantoms black and red, seeking her bed

Washing, talking, laughing, touching their wings.

I drink a bottle of prediction, extinction, words I never said.

What a pain here at last, the last, quits, now poison dragons bring.

Weak enough to wave at lover now floating year to year

Strong enough to lay face-first in sorroful tears

I cannot open my eyes to hear her sighs, her skin and peer.

I died long ago, took her away, now it's been years.

Silence in deep love's secrets.

Silence in deep love's secrets.

© 2019 Kenneth Avery

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