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I got lost,

In the nook betwixt thine breasts,

A hearth of tenderness,

Intimate affection.

The miles, crippling ordeal,

Lovemaking - sweet, surreal.

To lose thee - decidedly demise.

Oh, how, I miss thee,

Dearest love -

The raven mistress of my youth,

Ravishing as blooming trees,

Feisty, jocund as a doe,

Gentle as a gloaming breeze,

Lustful as embers below,

Pure as everlasting Truth.

Westbound passage to the Rim

- We shalt meet again, erelong,

Hold thee on my shoulder's brim,

In my arms caring and strong.

Black-pearl goddess, so seraphic,

Thou painted my world anew.

Too long hath it been amiss,

Too long hath it been askew.


Ann Carr from SW England on December 15, 2019:

Stunning poetry, as always!


Lorna Lamon on December 04, 2019:

This beautiful poem reads like a sonnet and I love the use of 'old' English throughout. The last verse is very poignant. Lovely.

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