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Heartfelt Memories


Heartfelt memories and thoughts

of things that have happened.

Memories flooding her brain

and washing over her in waves.

Thoughts bringing her to her

knees and making her cry.

Knowing that he will

never be hers but

wishing that things were

different in so many ways

Memories overtaking her

and breaking her down.

Thoughts overwhelming

her every memory of them.

Weakness breaking her

to the point of tears

drowning her in her own sorrows.

© 2020 Emily


Emily (author) from Georgia on June 06, 2020:

Thank you @Chatra

Thanks you @Lorna this poem came to me last night it holds alot of meaning because if is written for my bestfriend.

Lorna Lamon on June 06, 2020:

Certain memories are indeed painful. Making new memories full of joy lessens the pain. A beautiful and thought provoking poem Emily.

CHATRA RAM from BARMER INDIA on June 06, 2020:

Nice poem

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