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Full Moon Rising


There's a big yellow moon rising high in the sky,

Over the lonesome hillside and tallest pine trees.

The time when big old alligators go on the prowl.

The brightening stars in the heavens all do please.

Among dark shadows cast across the wide bayou,

There's an old tough gator man by the name of Joe.

He catches those giant gators by their scaley tails,

Then throws them each in his boat, don't you know.

Refrain: That old brother moon, watches over us yet,

like a beacon in the sky.


Down in Louisiana, when the night comes alive,

All the wild critters do cry and sing their songs.

It's enough to make the hearts all beat with joy,

Where a swamping man knows that he belongs.

Bullfrogs croaking, fireflies light-up the very dark,

Once in a while coon hunter's hounds give a bark.

Amid the warm night air, cool gentle breezes blow,

A light scent of Jasmine wafts where ever you go.


There's no finer place than that swampy bayou,

For there's the place where I'd always rather be.

The swamp water gets in your blood sometimes,

No better spot on this green earth you'll ever see.

Fishing, catching crawdads the whole night through,

Beats anyplace, to give you no finer peace of mind,

My grandad's legend being the King of the Swamp,

Always remains in my thoughts, is never left behind.


© 2018 whonunuwho