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4 Heartbreak Poems and Their Meaning

Red is a Youth Center Director who loves writing inspiring poems, stories and articles and publishes them online.


No one wishes to experience heartbreaks. They do happen nonetheless. A heartbroken person is a source of different raging emotions. People handle heartbreaks differently. Some people can manage negative emotions well. Others find themselves overwhelmed. Still others direct their emotions into harmful choices and actions.

One way of directing negative emotions away from possible harmful choices is to translate them into written words. Writing poems when you are in a negative emotional state is an effective way of lifting your burden. Writing makes you pause, calms yourself, and helps you evaluate the emotions you are having at the moment. It helps you think of the possible choices you are going to make during a heartbreak.

No matter what you are going through, it is always helpful to share your burden to a friend or family. Poems can tell people what you really feel when simple statement won't do. Sometimes, people who are going through the same heartaches may find comfort in the knowledge that they are not alone in their experience. Share them your work.

Heartbroken people sometimes wish they are dead and are haunting those who have hurt them.

Heartbroken people sometimes wish they are dead and are haunting those who have hurt them.

If You Only Knew

Surprised and stunned, I felt betrayed.

Hurt and bleeding, I can't contend.

You walked away. I'm left and laid.

I've never thought this is the end.

"Forget me now?" Like it's that easy?

We made a vow. We were steady.

I'm left undone, so bad, so lonely.

How can you do it so fine, so freely?

If you only knew how much I've loved you

with all my life and ex animo,

I will not haunt you; I will not follow.

I'm not yet dead, just six feet below.

If You Only Knew

This poem expresses the emotions of someone who is experiencing betrayal. The emotions expressed here is not of sadness but of anger. Heartbreaks sometimes cause people to think ill of others who are causing them pain. They even extend to doing something bad to hurt back. It is really important to manage our emotions well to avoid untoward incidents that may hurt us or others.

Holding on to mementos is one way heartbroken people comfort themselves.

Holding on to mementos is one way heartbroken people comfort themselves.


We both took our seats. We scribbled the words.

We wrote that we felt and tightened the cords.

We stared in the moment and gathered our thoughts.

We started pretending but we know that it hurts.

We know where we're going. We know it's not fair.

But we savor the moment. We felt we don't care.

Then we both stood up, each began to walk out.

We left our notes; we didn't care to look back.

We started to break and the tears just burst out.

You took the next step and ran out of my sight.

I know what it takes. Now I know how it feels.

I know that it hurts 'cause the pain is so real.

I know we've been there and soon it'll be over.

Take only the letters for they're all that I care.

I came back to sit back, took the note you left packed.

I know the word well but I thought you wrote lack.

I'm sure it says "Sorry" but it can't hold the tears back.

Are you sure that you meant it? Would you mind if I ask?

Yet I want you to know what I wrote just for you.

I know you won't mind but I'll give you a clue.

The first words were "I still" and it's not just for show.

I do want you to know that the rest were "love you".

I knew what it takes. I just knew how it feels.

I knew that it'll hurt and I know now it is real.

I know. I don't fear. I just hope it's not over.

They may only be just letters but it's all that I care.


The poem expresses sadness, one of the most common emotions experienced by a heartbroken person. The person speaking in the poem talks about the significance of the letters they both wrote. A heartbroken person usually clings to mementos that hold the good memories shared with others. Sometimes, these mementos are things that bring comfort to the brokenhearted.

Sometimes, leaving is the best way to cope up from heartbreaks.

Sometimes, leaving is the best way to cope up from heartbreaks.

The Farewell

The morn has just started.

Last night we just parted.

I hope I'm not feeling this way.

The long dark is over.

The light's getting closer.

I wish you were here to stay.

I held my breath

as I picked up my chest.

One moment and it's parting ways.

Just one next step,

I'll be boarding that ship.

I wish a last glance of your face.

Farewell to you fair dear,

Though the sorrow's hard to bear;

I thank you for the memories we'll share.

I pray that this is far away from over

and that we'll see again each other,

telling ourselves that we still care.

The Farewell

The poem speaks of hope and acceptance. The overall tone of the poem is a positive one. Though there is a hint of sadness, you can see that the speaker expresses his hopes positively. This is an example of a heartbreak managed well. The poem's theme centers around the context of leaving. Sometimes, leaving or taking a trip is one way to ease the pain of a heartbreak.

When heartbroken people write about killing themselves, it is a cry for help.

When heartbroken people write about killing themselves, it is a cry for help.

On Falling

Falling is where the raindrops go

when my tears can't let go of my pain.

Falling is when my knees just let go

when I'm soaking cold in the rain.

Falling was the last thing I knew

that day you walked away and faded.

Falling was the way I let go

of my fears and tears defeated.

Falling is what the pain caused me

when I felt the end of my fear.

Falling is what the day brought me

when I woke up to find you not here.

Falling, that's where I want to go

when I knew that it is the end.

Falling is what blood can do

when one failed and lost a friend.

Falling is too great a cost

when you do love by pretending.

Falling in love can be lost

if your love is not about dying.

Falling is what I must hold sway

when I feel that my life is ending.

Falling is the least I should worry

'cause I know my feet won't be landing.

On Falling

This is a depressing poem. I can literally feel the sadness and hopelessness when I penned this poem. Most of the time, heartbreaks lead to depression. This is a sensitive situation and should be handled with care. When someone writes a depressing note or poem, people should take it seriously, especially when the writer hints of taking one's own life.

If you are undergoing heartbreak right now, I want you to know that you are not alone. Many people goes through the same. I have gone through the same and I want you to know that we are waiting at the end of the tunnel. Keep going. We are here for you. Keep looking up. God is here for you as well.

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