Heartache for Dinner

Updated on April 14, 2018
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Khriscelle is a student at the University of Toronto pursuing a specialist in Anthropology. Here, is her quiet dabble with poetry.

"I really want you to come with me..."
"I really want you to come with me..." | Source

I'm very hungry, Charlie...


Serve me dinner

I am hungry

Flesh and sinner

How I want more than

You can cook for

I want dinner


Served for dinner

Made for no one

But here, a sliver

Of my dinner

I made for no one

just for me


Served for dinner

It’s disgusting

Revolting and bitter

But I want more

I want dinner

Serve me dinner


Waiting kindly

She’s so pretty

So inviting

And I need her so


Give me dinner

So I can feast upon

And have nothing bitter

Only after

Can I win some of that


Give me sweetness

I want sugar


So now I took her

To the table

To serve my winners


On the table

Isn’t she sweet?

Isn’t she able?

To give you every pleasure you’ve hope for

If you

Have not finished

Eat your dinner quick

More diminished

Make some room

For the dessert

Now we serve…

Crème brûlée

Mont blanc

Paris’ best

More flan?

Petit Gâteau

Sugar pie

I want more

(Just one bite)

But I’m so full

So satisfied

I am modest

And I make sure

That I keep her

Keep her safely

I will save her

For the family

How I love her

She’s so exquisite

But I save her

So if you want more

Please have more dinner

I have made more

For all sinners

Have more dinner

Please (for me)

But none for me

Too vicious

Something rots inside

It is cold

And so I only bring home


Fold her nicely

Keep her sinner

Side away from me

I can’t take her

No more dinner...

No more dinner...

I was hungry

I was aching

I wanted more

For the taking

I am famished

I am weaker

I need dinner

Heartache, on the table

Served for everyone

At the table

He did not plan an

Exquisite hostess dinner

For no one

So since you’re here

Enjoy dessert

Taste her sweetly

Make her, crave her

She is made with love

But we don’t want her

She’s not dinner

© 2018 Khriscelle


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