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The Heart of a Lover ~ A Poem about Love

Poem on love is like a beam of light that illumines both the heart and mind. It is a great way to express one's feelings.

Love in a Frame

The abyss was home to me,

I drown and drown in a sea;

A deep sea of loneliness

Yes, my life was such a mess!

Emptiness, I pined so hard

Fill the hollow, it's so bad

"I" and "you" is not that kind

I am lost, whom shall I find?

"Be strong, you need to fight!"

A lovely voice broke with might!

A company; saves me well,

It's not an end, this I tell.

I dredged quite a depth for years,

Not the world but my own fears

Have sent me to wilderness

I was lone because of this!

Now, I learn to live and love

Thank you for the hope, my love.

You didn't know, I was healed

From the pains my heart was filled.

Nothing makes my heart complete

But your love that makes it fleet

Alas, I don't own this heart,

It's yours, who completes the part!

Click Before a Storm

Click Before a Storm

© 2020 Jimmy Bio Jr

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