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Heart, Mind, World and the Half-Full Glass

I've traveled beyond words into depths deeper than the mind... & yet I'm back to the hellous hell people call Life, especially Reality...


Heart, Mind, World and the Half-Full Glass

The wondrous predicament of the clueless mind
The uninhibited expressions of a worsening fit
A wavering focus beyond the focal points thus known
The heart still beats and bleeds for the unknown

The familiar faces of the unfulfilled and damned
The mastered tune of the chorus less alarmed
A flying feather of softened silk in the hands
All swished away like the time in them sands

A crafted sphere all referred as the world to dwell
Remained unhinged by even the worst hinges' fail
Forests grew onward and humanity fired wayward
Cultures in apparent disharmony died the same shard

Foreshown and foretold the destinies of foresightedness
Every seen and heard and lived piece of slew tardiness
Went on to prove the proven constant of change
To think the half full glass undermines the real range

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