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Heart Beat Street

3 for 3 working with new artists and our jam going top 5 on pop billboard chart


Reading it with out music

The places I go, the people I meet

Can't replace my heart beat street

Everywhere I go, everywhere I roam

I hold you in my heart and call it home

All I really want is all of you

To make our house a zoo

Cuddled with you my heart will sooth

We can snuggle under 1 roof

The memories are kept on replay

Overwhelmed struggling with what to say

Startled disbelief as time ticks away

Chance coincidence a repeated dismay

Your voices fill my hopes and dreams

Your eyes always sparkle and gleam

Decades sometimes absent and bare

But the feelings are still there

The road is now my house

Another day from another bed arouse

Count the days I stay not the mile

Peek of morning light before police rile

Unbroken like strawberry roan

A will hardened into stone

Heaving a pack with a groan

Neighbors of paint and chrome

I use the wind as my hair comb

Mile markers are my garden gnomes

Sleep where I may along the highway

God's speed and safe travels we pray

Somewhere theres a place for us

Maybe it's running wild in a forrest

Singing a frog's and cricket's chorus

Or a desert quiet and gorgeous

Somewhere they cant take us away

A place where it's safe to stay

Where we can grow old and grey

Where it's never what if they,

Become jealous of our family

Try to destroy us personally

Have us torn as penalty

For seeing and surviving cruelty

Driven by a deep determination

Every town a passing visitation

Embarrassment is minor irritation

A goal to solve our situation

All the warning signs of danger

Take my super suit off the hanger

It fits by nature's tailor

I'm the cataphract player

© 2022 Richard Brown

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